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Ever wonder what happens when you cross a leather- armored titan with a pot- bellied pachyderm?  A slam- dunking dragon with a prat- falling penguin?  A magical donkey with a happy-footed tiger?  Here's the place to find out!  For thirteen years MascotNet has provided non-commercial information and share technology for the world's greatest costumed characters.  We are veterans of over twenty years of professional sports. We are young college students hoping to make the cut next year.  We are high school parents looking to make costumes fit better. We are principals seeking new outfits. We are coordinators needing to increase the bottom line in December.

We won't smack you over the head with inflatable ads, and we won't steal your e-mail and send you a "fruitcake of the month club" spam letter.  What we will do is assist your performer with peers who understand the good and bad about this business. We'll give your administrators insight into how the best mascot programs run and how to increase your program's worth.  We will make you laugh, we will make you cry, we will make you want to get up in front of thousands of fans and........well, you get the picture.  Welcome to MascotNet! Please say hello to us in our MascotSpeak Bulletin Board System before you go.