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This page is reserved for ideas on simple skits a mascot can perform in. Skits that cost little, need little preparation, or just the effective us of props. Ideas are coming from all over the country, and the world, so please feel free to e-mail me any suggestions on what other things we should address, or inform the mascot community about. Sharing IS caring!

Talk to your advisor to see what kinds of things are permissible at your event. Some mascots can get away with things that others can't. So don't get fired, get permission, and you'll get respect whether the answer is yes or no.


IMHO, each mascot should try to work with your sound guys as close as possible. You need a theme song for your entrace, should you be lucky enough to have time alloted for your entrance. I've used "Stop the Rock" from Apollo 440 all season long. It's funny, but when fans of the Kickers visit other teams, if the song is ever used, I'm told they intinctively start looking for me to appear. That's a GREAT payoff! - Kickeroo

Oh, and last game for my intro, i changed it upa bit. Since they always shine a big spotlight on me, I wore a prisoner's outfit for thr intro, and whenI came out I kept acting like i was trying to get away from the light...jail break style. (Sealvester)

College mascots themselves are not allowed to rappel or jump off of trampolines for games, because of liability. The only way it can be done is if someone who is out of college does it, or what we do is have a student who is a member of the ROTC program do it. They just rappel, land, and run off then we run back on. (Goldy)

One mascot, while rappelling during practice, fell 100' and broke both of his legs. He lost his job for a year, recovered and found out his replacement became a *permanent* replacement. Then there was this guy, a CBA mascot, had a spotter for his rappel practice (who holds onto the rope and is supposed to break your fall).   When he lost the rope the spotter ran for cover (not that I blame him). I know the guy broke his legs, too I'm not sure what else happened. And as far as trampoline acts go the NJ Nets mascot has two broken wrists from when he was an acrobatl. Rocky from the Nuggets broke his tailbone a few years ago on Opening Night- during practice. He missed a big portion of the season- and he was lucky they didn't find a replacement for him. Think about as you're pondering physical stunts.

"I got to do a pregame skit, beating up a "wrangler", which went "ok" considering that the lowered light levels and the spotlight shining on me left me basically blind.  I couldn't find my supersoaker after i put it down, and I couldn't see the wrangler after I tackled him the second time
. " - Blitz


While squeezing through a row of people in their seats, towards the end I grab my behind like someone pinched it, and then point accusing fingers at men.

Motion for a kid to throw popcorn in my mouth, then act like he nailed me in the eye.
When someone actually gets popcorn in my mouth, I act all proud, then clutch my throat like I'm choking, I point to my back like I need the heimlech, and then someone will grab me from behind and start heimliching me, and when they're done, I act all flirtly with them and kiss them like it was all abig scam just to get them to grab me.

 If I'm trying to act sexy I lift up my jersey/shorts to reveal my legs.

 I'll make people laugh, then suddenly I'll stop ans stare at one of the people laughing at me. I'll act out "Are you laughing at ME? No, are you laughing at ME??" then I'll get all furious and stomp off.

Pat your heart. point "you" "me" and "please". Usually you'll get a negative response. Get on your knees and beg. If that still gets a negative response gesture "drive" "eat". Still no? Okay, check their left hand. Is there a wedding ring? put your hand over their hand and gently tug at the ring, like you are going to pull it off. All the while keep pointing "me" "you". Check to see if they are mad. If they are walk away sulking. If they are laughing laugh with them and give them a hug.

Sit next to a female...young or old. Tap your mouth with one hand (yawn), stretch with the other arm.  When you are done stretching, rest your arm on their shoulder (the old movie theater stunt). (Thundar)

See a great seat? Take off the shoe of the person sitting there. Throw it far enough away that the person has to work to retrieve it. Jump in the person's seat and refuse to move.

Here is a great comeback mini skit I use. When someone decides to stick their hand down my mouth, I retaliate by grabbing their chin(as long as they Intentionally sent their hand into my jaws) and trying without much avail to stick my huge paw down their mouth. The person realizes that bobcats don't like having human hands for dinner. (Bobcat)

You can also see if there are any goodies around, like someone's leather coat, some food/drink, etc. and offer them as a token of gratitude. Do this especially if it's her' boyfriend's coat, and push him away a little when you do it.

I tend to wander off with women's purses, or at least take something from them. I started running off with purses, then a few steps away, I'dpause, look inside, and act like I saw something "shocking" in there, and then hand it back to the woman, touching it as little as possible, usually dangling from two  fingers. I was wondering about plants, I mean pretending to pull out item from a woman's purse that I actually planted in there. Problem is, I can't think of anything that would be appropriate (if you think of some if the toilet humor items...heheheh I'd be fired). So what "embarassing" or weird items can I pull out of the purses, that are still in the realms of good taste? Naturally I want to get a woman to agree to be my plant for the game, and pull something really weird out, and then have her bash me on the head with her purse, and chase me away. - PK

Plant a large bag with a nice old lady, that just happens to have your loaded supersoaker inside!!! That would be a shock. - Husky Dog

Some times I have my wife as a plant and have her with a tote bag packed with tons of food like she would sneak the out side food in. It is really funny because my wife is extreamly thin. So I would pull out like a make up kit then some food then like a coke can, more food I would pull everything out like if she was eating it or has eaten
some of it already with some open packs or what ever. I would look like I was calling the security over then make her come up and get it in front of everybody and do the shame finger. Some times I would point out how thin she is then do like she is going to get fat likeme. Then flirt with her since she has all the food - THOR

I have this really awsome gag that I do to the players it's something that they know about before I do it so they always have gym shorts on but they'll be standing up in front of alot of people and I'll come up behind them and pull their shorts down its get the crowd crackin up everytime. Then he chases me and so fourth I always try to do it when there is kinda a dull moment. (Bluecat 17)

Pull out a plastic hand grenade, jumper cables, rubber chicken, several items that NO ONE would assume would be in a purse, put them somewhere where they are very visible, and pay no attention to them. Act like anyone would have those in their purse at any given time... then last find a handkerchief and act relieved like THAT is
what you were hoping to find. Wipe your brow and blow your nose on it, then put it all back and hand it back to her. If I have a friend coming to the game,I will ask her to hold on to the purse/bag. I dont like to approach someone who I dont already know because I like to keep my identity a secret... I guess if I didnt know someone who would already be at the game, sitting in a strategic, visible seat, I may ask an usher or assistant to set the prop for me. Another way is to have your assistant go, inconspicously infront of you and set the bag on a step, next to some lady, then I would play it up as if it was hers by tapping her on a shoulder and making gestures as if to
borrow/steal it. When done, I would hand it back to her and walk away, leaving the assistant to give her something in exchange for the bag... - Slyburtuffy

The absolute best bet is done by getting in touch with rival mascots before the game, either by phone in advance or at the game in the locker room. Talk about plans, props, skits, neutral zones, staged fights, etc. Trust me, it works much better if you don't want to fight to talk ahead of time and can be much funnier for the crowd. You do have the occasional jerk who wants to push the envelope and try to jump you. If that happens, stay by your help(cheerleaders, staff, etc.), have your super soaker and silly string ready, and if all else fails, have an entire bucket of water there to douse him/her with it. It is miserable for any mascot to go an entire game soaking wet.  It'll teach him a lesson too. - Boss Hog

Draw a line on the ground with your foot and dare someone to cross it.

When I'm just plain tired and need a break, I'll just collapse on the ground for a few minutes, twitch, and then start giving myself CPR/chest compresions to revive myself.

"I might actually try and play nice if possible, show unity and all that stuff. Lead cheers together, do a dance off with the home mascot and let the homer win, etc"

One Rhett vs. Santa Claus hockey game, one time playing with a willing ref, and once I dressed Rhett up as the BC Eagle, flailed around the ice (likea dog on skates would), tore off the costume, and proceeded to beat the snotout of it. - Rhett

"In college I got a little out of hand in fighting other mascots. I may have had a little ego back then. Yeah the crowd loves it. But done the wrongway by ummm say knocking someones head off is SO EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!  It is not cool, not right, and not cool!! I think a fight can be great if planned the right way by
talking to the person beforehand and setting it up." - CU Chip

On a day "game" or event, come out with a small supersoaker or watergun. Shoot some people then "accidentally" shoot someone older. Toss the watergun to a little kid and point to him like it was his fault. The kid (by nature) will start shooting you. Run waving arms and all, but come back with a much larger supersoaker, or
something double the size. The kid will think he can still win...lets just say you can probably prove him wrong! Make sure it's all in good fun though. (The Friar)

First you have to set this up with a kid or any person you choose. You have to have about 8 different size super soakers. The person helping you gets 4, you get 4. You have the first one which is the smallest one, person helping you has the 2nd one which is a bit larger. You get the picture. You get the first squirt, the person helping you pulls out their first one and gets you. You work back and forth untill the last one comes out which the HUGE SUPER SOAKER, which he has. You take off running with him chasing you. All this time the song "Dueling Banjos" is playing on the loudspeaker. It's about a minute and a half to 2 minute skit. So you don't do just
a little squirt. You give a good couple of squirts and a lot of laughing and pointing. (Sank)

A good quick one is the classic "water fight" You take someone's (a friend dressed as the other teams waterboy) hat, they toss a cup of water at you, you toss a cup back at them, they grab the water jug chase you across the floor into the bleachers/stands and toss confetti at the shrieking crowd. don't get water on the court! ( Goldy)

I remember the Terp once did a trenchcoat skit to Rock N roll part 2. He had just a fig leaf on his shellless body.

Baseball mascots try this one...steal the relief cart and soak the entire front row of the outfield stands, or whoever is reachable. Double mischief! (dont forget to zap the other team's first base coach if he has a sense of humor. - Slyburtuffy

The funniest thing i ever saw with a watergun was when the Phanatic was in Harrisburg. One of the vendors was balancing a heavy tray of cans on his head with both hands. The Phanatic hit him long and hard right on the zipper.

Meeting an official before a game can never hurt. It's better to have given them a chance to say yes, than be a "fool in a suit" harassing them during time-outs. Also make sure you're out of costume - it seems to be more professional. Just introduce yourself, and that you're the mascot, and wanted to know if was all right if I "bring you water and a towel" or "bow down to you", etc. The key is to be specific! Tell them exactly what you intend to do! They will assume you having something up your sleeve and if you do, ask if they will play along. Remember - No means no! Also it's crucial that you make it clear that you will not interrupt game play (only time-outs, half-time, etc.) A last thought, if you keep it simple and to your word the first time, they should continue to help out. And officials will talk with other officials - make sure they can say they had fun with you. - the Friar


Bring people onto the court, or have someone in on it. Begin dancing with them to the music When they aren't looking, completely stop, and stare at them motionless. You can put your arms out like "What the heck is he/she doing?" and look at the audience (that's very funny) I also do the thing where I have someone picked out ahead of time, and we do the thing where they swing you around their body. If it doesn't work, drop strait to the floor and be motionless. When they try to pick you up, be completely limp. It's funny to watch someone try to pick up a limp mascot! (Thundar)

But we annouced a new contest in honor of Hagler Night. Had this long drawn out introduction for me "weighing 577 pounds standing 6"7 feet tall, the amazing, the stupendious, the increadible, but not edible, wonder from down under KO!" then they introduced the challanger "4ft tall, weighing 40 pounds, Little Timmy!" Round starts, and I'm ducking and weaving, throwing punches in the air, shifting my feet, all as I move toward the kid, who's just standing there motionless. Once i get close, I just drop my hands in frustration that the kid's not fighting me. I lean over like "go ahead, take the first shot" and put my hands behind my back. He thinks, then does a quick pucnh to the Jimmies. I keel over in pain, he raises his hands and is declared the winner. (K-O)

Elvis, a cheap raincoat material jumpsuit, fur in the open chest, my head, black fur mutton chop sideburns, and a pair of Elvis shades.(TOO MUCH CONVERSATION IS MY INTRO SONG)" - KixxSoccerroo

I came out on the field with a boombox dressed up in a yellow poncho. I press play on the box and "singing in the rain" plays. As I'm dancing to it, a field worker comes and switches the stations. It lands on Smooth Criminal. I stop and think for a second, then I rip off my mascot hand revealing a sequined glove, and tear off the poncho under which I'm wearing a red micheal jackson "Thriller" vest. Dance to that a little then he it switches again. This time its "Opps I did it again". I resentfully take off my vest and underneath I'm wearing a sequined halter top (the crowd really went nuts for that). I do some brittany moves and then the song gets changed again. Now its a Swan Lake "ballet" song. I say no way I'm dancing ballet, and I gesture that the field worker who's been swicthing my music should dance. He says no way, walks off, i grab for him, end up tearing off his pants revealing a pink tutu underneath. He looks at the tutu, then hauls butt off the field. (DONK)

Yesterday I did a skit where I danced around the umpire to "It's Raining Men", and had a trenchcoat on (we gave away rain ponchos). As I prepared to do the second part of my skit my not-so-itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-yellow-polka-dot-bikini slipped down and landed at my ankles. I pulled off the trenchcoat to reveal the other half of the bikini and kept dancing, pulling the briefs off and wrapping them around the umpire's neck.

This skit should have announcer saying what you're going to do. This is called the Tied Gag. Items needed are large paper grocery bag, or cardboard box, two pieces of rope which for 'scots should be large marine version, and a box of Tide laundry detergent. To start: The Tide is in the bag. The rope pieces are in your paw. Announcer says Joey's going to do a little magic. He will put two ropes in the bag and they will come out tied. 1st attempt - Have child or audience to say 'magic word' after your placing the ropes in the bag. Then pull the ropes out, act like it worked. 2nd attempt Repeat the previous action. 3rd attempt Announcer: how many people believe Joey can do really do it? Put the ropes in the bag. Close the bag. Repeat audience magic word or phrase bit. Then open the bag and pull out the box of Tide detergent. (Joey Wolfe)

Go to a toy store, and look for some kind of My Little Pony or something. It may need to be a little bigger for everyone to see. Maybe a stuffed . Anyway, you could be playing with it, making sure the (student section) sees it, and then make a gesture that it stinks, and then stomp on it, going crazy. If it's stuffed, you could maybe open it and throw the stuffing up in the air, and into the audience. (Thundar)

Push out a large crate...marked SocceRoo's Instant Dance PArty, or have the UPS guy deliver it...get hyper, the box....pull out the 20" disco mirror ball,.house lights down one spotlight..cue the sound guy,, (oh boy here it comes {getting giddy) MAcarena comes on......"whoa, hold on, stop cut it!"...think, ... ok, i've got the disco ball, what else?...go back in the box...pull out the Tony Manero white jacket and vest...(try a tux rental shop {on trade)...put it on..ok I got the jacket, i got the disco ball, ...cue the music......chicken dance comes on........."whoa, hold on, stop cut it!"...think, ... ok, i've got the disco ball, I've got the jacket... what else?...go back in the box...pull out... a bunch of little kids and a hot the price is right display model...cue the music to "You should Be Dancin'" by the BeeGees and everyone dances.....  (KixxSocceroo)

Use a broom on the basketball court to dance with, brush off the ref's shoes, sweep all the dirt towards the rival team, use it like STOMP to beat out a rhythym to (We Will Rock You).

It was to the ER theme song. The narrator said: "The East Panther was brutally attacked and robbed of her school spirit by (the other team's mascot). She was immediately rushed to the ER....." We have Escorts who are usually in all my skits. They were dressed as surgeons and carried me in on a board to the stretcher in the middle of the gym where they "operated" on me. They used two irons as that electronic jolt thing they use to get people's hearts beating again. The narrator says: "As you can see, things aren't looking too bright for the Panther..." One of the escorts then finds a bottle that says "Plano East Spirit" and he feeds me some of that. I get up & we all get in a line as the song, "I will Survive" came on and the seven of us danced like the Temptations. (1sAPPHIRE1)

I've done this one a lot, especially at school assemblies where we need some kid interaction. Basically just get four chairs, put them in a square with the backs facing out. (one at a 90 degree angle to the one next to it. Have the people lay down, one at a time with the center of their backs on the chair and their legs off one end and head and shoulders off the other. (You have to pick bigger kids or adults) each person's shoulders need to be squarely on the knees/thighs of the person "behind" them. one this happens, then you can slowly pull out all the chairs! (KidSimba)

When the team lost 4 straight this past season, I glued together some styrofoam blocks (about 3' wide by 1.5' high, found 'em at WalMart) into a tent shape, and wrote " RAGE'S LOSING STREAK" on the side. I came out in a magician's cape and hat, was introduced as the Great MOO-dini, and attempted to make the losing streak disappear. Covered the blocks with a sheet, waved the wand, nothing happened. PA guy suggested I try a bigger magic wand, so I reached behind the bench and pull out what looks like a jumbo-sized magic wand, but it's the handle of a sledgehammer (wrapped the handle in black and white electrical tape to make it look like a magic wand). Smashed the "losing streak" into smithereens. NOTE - Spread a tarp or something on the ground first. It will make the mess easier to clean up. (Toro)

We have this crazy sports reporter on one of our TV news broadcasts who always does silly stuff for his broadcasts. Yesterday, he did a run down of our team bus, with all its little perks and such. When he opened up the bathroom, RADAR was sitting on thecommode reading a paper (about how our opposing hockey franchise folded a month ago) and jumped up when he peaked in. He said, "Excuse me, I'm sorry," and calmly shut the door. Then he looked at the camera with a dumbfounded look on his face and shrugged his shoulders. Pretty funny stuff! We thought about showing the blue toilet water (RADAR is big and bright blue),but we were on the cutting edge enough and thought better of it. We could have one of those blue SaniFlush drop-ins laying in there--that would have been crazy. " - RADAR

Its the typical "Monkey See Monkey Do" skit (they have to mimic what you do in order to win a prize), but to change things up, I my "contestant" was a 72 year-old women. We started off simple, doing the cabbage patch dance, shaking our butts, then shaking our bellys (and seeing a grandmotehr do this was funny enough). So then the PA guy chimes in "KO this stuff is too easy, you have to try and stump her." I see the third base umpire and sneak over to him. I look left, look right then goose him real good. I talked to him before the game, so he acted it up, jumping away from me, and looking offended. I then gesture for the granny to do it, and she walks right up and pats him on the butt (crowd went nuts). I act like "Man I can't believe she did this. What won't she do?" I scratch my head, then I get an idea. I walk back to the ump, put my arm around him like "hey, whats happening?" then in a flash I plant a big smooch on him. He pushes me off, I stumble away, thengesture for the lady to do it. She give him a hug, and is finnally declared the winner. Real funny, real simple. I recomend doing it!  (K-O)

When they put you on the jumbotron to YMCA, try spelling something different. I like to throw in a few x's and t's. (Sealvester)

I did attend the Vikings-Bengals game on Sunday, and I just thought I'd mention a little of what I observed of the mascots. At the first tv timeout, the jumbo-tron had an announcer that said MWW (Mascot World Wrestling) showed Benny Bengal in a trench coat trying to get into the stadium. Later in the game the jumbo-tron showed
the MWW update, with Benny sneaking up on Vik-a-Donus Rex, knocking him down and stealing his snowmobile. Finally, in the fourth qtr. the cheerleaders bring out this big mat w/ ropes and everything, the two 'scots wrestle for a little bit. With Vik-a-Donus ultimately winning. Sunday he pulled Benny's tail and wrapped him up, then spun him out then dragged him out of the ring and pulled him away on his snowmobile. This is something the Vikings have done during a few games this year to entertain fans during the long tv time-outs! ( Goldy)

I'm definitely going to pursue some movie spoofs, as well as something called "Dressing Dugouts". I thought it'd be fun to do "Trading Spaces", but instead decorate little league dugouts in different themes. Some of the decorating can be seriously nice, like painting cool murals for the tee ball team, but then we could also do a men's softball dugout with frills and lace.

I'm planning on a rock show skit. using a verison of "Peppermint Twist" by the often-forgotten band The Sweet. For a guitar, I'm looking for a big plastic or styrofoam candy cane. - The Gade

Just tie some mistletoe to a string on a stick, put a little "kiss" sign on the string, and dangle it over people's heads. Its great. Most of the time the crowd will start chanting for the couple to kiss. You can mess with people by dangling it over the head of two guys sitting next to each other, or "accidentally" hanging it over your own head and getting lavished with smootches. - Sealvester

Eat cake and ice cream!!!  Oh, in a costume?!! Play "pin the tail" on whatever animal I happen to be. tape on the tail though!   NO PINS!  (KidSimba)

My favorite is Duck Duck goose.... especially b/c I cheat for the first three rounds and then get thrown into the center for (usually) ten minutes. the game winds up playing itself!

My favorite thing to do is bring a bag of goodies from whatever organization I am representing. Then, if we are outside, bring a can of silly string. Usuallly, I have another person with me asking Oh, Pouncer, what do you have in the bag? or different questions to keep the 'crowd' interested, then I will pull out a can of silly string and spray the kids (if they are old enough and if I get the parents permission). (UofMPouncer)


  • give a kid antlers with my hands (a good trick for a reindeer like me)
  • give a kid horns with my fingers (a good trick for my OTHER gig, as a bull)
  • stand behind a row of kids and lean my elbows on their heads (totem pole effect)
  • hold a tango or waltz pose with a cute girl
  • ...and dip right as the shutter clicks
  • hold a kid upside down (learned that from the Squatch)
  • reach around a teenager's head with my big old paw and cover their face with it right as the shutter clicks (learned that from the Moose)  - (Red)
  • Fists in the air for GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!  (Kickerroo)
  • After they have taken the picture, VERY CAREFULLY see if they will allow you to take the camera from them. Then if your hands/paws/hooves permit, jesture for them to pose so you can take a picture of them. Ham it up and try to get more people involved. Then turn and take a picture of something else, like I don't know, a total stranger, or a cup of beer.  You could also run onto the field, if play is stopped and take a pic of a player or official. Another thing I do at times, although I admit it runs on the bit of crude side, drop the camera between your legs and take a picture from beneath. (KidSimba)
  • I like to put my hand on the kids face and yell out "CHEEEEEEESE!" "What, you want to see their faces? Why?"
  • Sometimes I keep saying CHEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSE! after the pic was taken, then I say, Oops, my bad.
  • Mudonna can get a little promiscuous with her shots, so leg up with adutls, or pushing the girl out of the picture and grabbing the guy, or a two-handed smacker on the face.
  • If the camera isn't too tiny (my goodness they make some dinky digital cameras these days) for me to hold, and I can get it away from whoever's holding it... I usually do it if somebody asks for a photo in an open-ended way. ("can we have a photo? what? oh, no no no, of YOU!")  (Red)
  • did you know you can re-load a spent Polaroid film cartridge with already exposed photos, so that when you hit the shutter button it spits out a picture you took beforehand, in an extremely convincing manner? I imagine this is the kind of thing you're talking about when you say "clown camera". Be careful, though, because the battery for one of those cameras is in the film pack. Don't re-use them too many times or your skit will flop at a terrible time.
  • The monkey photo is a great idea, the Squatch pulls off a gag like that from time to time. What I just now thought might be fun for this sort of gag, though, is to take a photo of some empty bleachers, and then make out like the fans are ghosts.  (Red)
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