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What is a nickname? A nickname is the literary  identification of a team, school, or 
organization in the form of word. "Miners", "Jaguars", "Red Knights".

What is a logo? A logo is a two-dimensional image of an illustrated nickname.

What is a mascot? A mascot is a three-dimensional interpretation of the nickname.
Some mascots are inanimate, much like totems. Others are live animals. For the
sake of continuity, MascotNet promotes mascots defined as humans in costumes of
some kind, preferably wearing "closed heads" or "pods".
Jinx Lynx!
Tons o' Mascot Links to check out!
Major League Baseball Mascot Links
Minor League Baseball Mascot Links, Affiliated
Baseball League Mascot Links, Independant
 Football Mascot Links
 Hockey Mascot Links
Basketball Mascot Links
Soccer Mascot Links
Independant and Other Sports Mascots
Division 1 College Mascot Links (A to T)
Division 1 College Mascot Links (U to Z)
Division 2 and 3 College Mascot Links
High School, Middle and Elementary School Links
GameOps.Com Mascot Page - Another great site for mascots!  Jon Cudo's site is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to jump-off from here!
Mascottchen - A cool European basketball mascot site.  It's in German - no English translation.
The Football Mascot Scrapbook - What Jinx Lynx offers in links, TFMS offers in images. 
Carl's Mascot Photos - Arguably one of the most passionate mascot fans on the continent.  Come see what the mascot hunt is all about!
Suite's Mascot Page - Sue Ann offers some neat ideas for mascot programs.
The Use of Native American Nicknames/Mascots
Why is it necessary to have these links here?  Because without them we would not fully disclose all of the mascot world.  The use of negative stereotypes as identification marks for teams and schools leaves us further from the unity that nicknames were originally meant to accomplish.  Read on.
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